Meet Me In St Louis - MMVI – MMIX 2xLP

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You've been asking for us to bring Variations on Swing back to vinyl for years now, so we thought we'd go one better. Presenting, MMVI - MMIX, the full Meet Me In St Louis discography on double LP!

LP1 is Variations on Swing, the band's seminal debut album, whilst LP2 features their first three track demo plus the EP, And With The Right Kind Of Eyes..., both remastered especially for this release.

This beautifully packaged record, designed by the band's very own Paul Phillips, drawing inspiration from so much of their history and previous artwork, includes a huge 28 page photo booklet.

There's a limited edition blue / orange vinyl version available, but with only 100 of those being pressed, we don't expect them to stick around for long.


A1. The Torso Was Severed In Mid Thorax
A2. Well You Damn Well Should
A3. Right This Way, You Maverick Renegade
A4. I Am Champagne, You Are Shit
A5. I Beat Up The Bathroom, I'm Sorry

B1. Ein Zwei Drei Hasslehoff
B2. All We Need Is A Little Energon, And A Lot Of Luck
B3. Come To New York, There Were Fewer Murders Last Year
B4. I've Got Knives In My Eyes I'm Going Home Sick
B5. You're Doomed

C1. I am Champagne and You are Shit
C2. Why Thank You, Suzie
C3. Corey Feldman

D1. We Need To Act Like We Don't Need This Shit, Then They Give Us Shit For Free
D2. The Kid Who Had His Ear Slapped By The Druggist
D3. Why Thankyou, Suzie
D4. What Happened To You Dylan? You Used To be Someone I Could Trust
D5. You Said Your Finger Was A Gun