Vinnie Caruana - Aging Frontman - 12" EP

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Renowned and long-beloved as a founding member of The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche, Vinnie Caruana is back with his bold new solo record - Aging Frontman.

Not afraid to take himself too seriously with the title and cover artwork, the personal EP is his most accomplished and poignant solo release to date. Vinnie has this to share: “This is as personal as I’ve ever been with the listener. The people who listen to my music know me. I’ve personally met most of them at shows and we have a relationship. This is just another layer. I’m still looking for answers. We all are. We have to keep finding the beauty in life, no matter how hard life can sometimes make it for us. I want to keep being the best version of myself until I die.”

This never-ending desire to find and hold on to beauty and peace of mind, despite the chaos and frequent ugliness of the world we all live in, is something that has always inspired Caruana to write and perform music, and to connect with his fans and this record is without a doubt the finest distillation of that ethos, and of Caruana’s formidable talent as a singer/songwriter.

The LP, available on very limited exclusive Black with Pink Stripe vinyl and is on a two sided 12” with screen printed B-Side.

1. Better
2. Alone
3. Dying in the Living Room
4. I Love You, Please Watch over Us
5. Providence
6. Tex "The Rock" Johnson