Great Grandpa - Four of Arrows - LP

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Four of Arrows is the incredible new album from Seattle based indie rockers Great Grandpa.
A departure from the playful nods to pizza and zombies on 2017’s Plastic Cough, this beautiful collection of 11 songs weaves through the pains of familial divisions, partnership, internal and external forgiveness, and the struggles of mental illness, going headfirst into the darkness but escaping from the other side with their most transparent and accomplished work to date. A must-listen.

FFO Big Thief, Hop Along, Better Oblivion Community Center

1. Dark Green Water
2. Digger
3. English Garden
4. Mono no Aware
5. Bloom
6. Endling
7. Rosalie
8. Treat Jar
9. Human Condition
10. Split Up The Kids
11. Mostly Here