InTechnicolour - Big Sleeper - LP

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Hailing from Brighton and formed through a want to play loud music through slightly broken amps, InTechnicolour are a riffy, groovy, stoner-rock band with a knack for creating a colourful song or two and they’re here to bring you their debut album!

Landing somewhere between the slack desert-groove of Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and Karma to Burn, as one brilliant DJ suggested, try and ‘imagine if rocky road was made of riffs and beats instead of Raisins’.

Definitely worth trying right?

1. Miami Funk
2. Under the Sun
3. Shaker
4. Big Sleeper
5. Gallon Man
6. Lend Me a Crushed Ear
7. Doomer
8. Slow Moth
9 .Tortoise