Origami Angel - Somewhere City - LP

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Do you have a vacancy for a ‘New Favourite Band’? Do you like breathless, energetic poppy, punk rock… then Origami Angel is here for you!

Somewhere City is as fantastical and vibrant of a record as its backdrop. ’24 Hour Drive-Thru’ is stuffed with pomp and circumstance, a blistering pop-punk cut that pumps the brakes long enough for a doo-wop vocal section. ‘666 Flags’ is as dynamic and surprising as a banked turn, switching between somersaulting guitar/vocal attack and softer introspection. This 30-minute record has something for everyone and is filled with dynamic twist and turns and does this all while carrying a conceptual heft several times its length.

FFO Tiny Moving Parts, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Just Friends, Retirement Party


1. Welcome to...
2. 24 Hr Drive-Thru
3. 666 Flags
4. Doctor Whomst
5. Say Less
6. Escape Rope
7. The Title Track
8. Skeleton Key
9. Find Your Throne
10. The Air Up Here