Bearded Viking - Chocolate Orange Old Fashioned - 100ml (29.6%)

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Ahh, the venerable Old Fashioned. Back in the early 1800s this was simply known as a 'cocktail' or perhaps a 'bittered sling' if you were feeling particularly adventurous. No wonder it has survived more than two centuries; there are very few other drinks that can match its straightforward yet complex composition.

You don't mess too much with classics, but some wiggle is allowed. Chocolate and orange go as well together as bourbon and bitters, so we soak our bourbon with laboriously cut orange peel for a few days before blending it with demerara sugar syrup and intense chocolate bitters.

Seemingly simple but deceptively difficult to master, we have done all the hard work for you and made our best take on this classic available without you having to join our secret bourbon society. If you're into this one, though, you would probably enjoy being a member, come to think of it.


More smooth orange-infused Kentucky bourbon than you can throw a stick at, rich demerara sugar syrup, and a fair few drops of spiced chocolate bitters.