Bearded Viking - Prickly Pete's Tiki Treat - 100ml (19.9%)

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Good old one-armed Prickly Pete was a rum slinger of the highest calibre. Having only one arm somewhat limited his ability to carry bottles, however, so most of his drinks were relatively simple, with one notable exception: his very own Prickly Pete's Tiki Treat.


Prickly Pete loved the fruits of prickly pear cacti, hence the name. He was particularly fond of it when it came with a bit of a spicy kick, so he always infused his liqueurs with a generous helping of chillies.

The secret recipe, which he wrote down for us on a napkin one stormy night, tells of many years of perfecting the ultimate tiki cocktail. The sweet flavours of burnt banana from his own white rum form the perfect canvas for the rest of the ingredients to play on. Chilli-infused prickly pear, Jamaican falernum, and banana and pineapple liqueurs are wonderfully paired with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a bit of Campari for that finishing hint of bitterness.

Make Pete proud and treat this one with the reverence it deserves. Or just swig it like the grog-loving pirate you arrrrrrrrr!


Delicious white rum, spicy prickly pear liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice, spiced Jamaican falernum, Brazilian banana liqueur, burnt pineapple rum liqueur, and Campari.