Bearded Viking - White Negroni - 100ml (24.3%)

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Gentian root has been used for millennia to treat ailments ranging from digestive problems to flu and fever. Most of its medicinal claims do seem unfounded, though, and we would recommend seeing a doctor instead if you do feel a bit under the weather.

This root does, however, give a delicious smacking bitter flavour to anything you stick it in, including our White Negroni. For our take on this timeless classic cocktail, we have replaced the traditional red Campari with a beautiful golden gentian liqueur and gone with a lovely floral and fruity sweet French vermouth to complement the citrusy canvas of generous serves of London Dry gin. 

Pouring with a crystal clear golden colour, we could have named this the Golden Negroni, but this delicious drink has enough going for it already and we didn't feel like our bottles could contain its ego if we did.


Citrusy London Dry gin, sweet French vermouth, and herbally bitter gentian root liqueur.