Bears In Trees - And Everybody Else Smiled Back - LP

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Available on splatter vinyl, signed by the band at their in-store

Bears In Trees are more than just england’s premiere dirtbag boyband. They are a symbol of what can be possible when you combine musical talent with love, passion, friendship, and dedication. "And everybody else smiled back" is their debut studio LP. The sandbox is open and it’s never too late to join.

1. Cut Corners on Short Walks
2. I'm Doing Push-Ups
3. Baggy Hoodies
4. Heaven Sent is a Coffee Cup
5. Keep It Easy
6. Array of Light
7. Mossy Cobblestone
8. Confidant
9. Little Cellist
10. Sun Machine
11. Great Heights
12. If I Just Ask Politely
13. Klimt Painting