Boon - Schaarbeekse Kriek - Lambic Cherry Beer - 375ml (6%)

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Oude Schaarbeekse Kriek Boon is made with 250 grams of Schaarbeekse cherries per litre. These powerful cherries , harvested in Belgium, combine the tender and softly sour flavors of the lambic with a very intense but balanced cherry expression and provide a soft, round aftertaste. An additional six months of aging in oak barrels then adds even more complexity. The result is a particularly rich taste experience.

Today, the cherries for the Oude Schaarbeekse Kriek Boon are harvested in various places in Belgium, but they still bear the name ' Schaarbeekse cherries'. The eastern banks of the Zenne valley in Schaerbeek were traditionally covered with this cherry variety. This very high-quality cherry variety was also bought by lambic brewers at the early market in Schaerbeek.