Merakai - Brave Noise - Modern Mild - 440ml (4.5%)

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Vegan friendly.

The Brave Noise campaign is one we feel very strongly about here at Merakai Brewing & BSMSC.  If you are still not aware of the campaign, please check this out the main aim of Brave Noise is to make the craft beer industry and scene safe, and accessible to everyone. 

As part of our commitment to Brave Noise, we will be giving a portion of the proceeds of the sale of our beer to The Wellness Officer initiative, set up by Pip of The Coven. Her initiative aims to make festival and event experiences positive for everyone by providing Wellness Officers, individuals who are trained in mental health first aid and conflict management, to be there to offer support to the breweries, festival organisers and patrons attending the event.  I am sure you will agree this is an extremely worthwhile cause, and unfortunately a necessary one. 

The beer we produced in collaboration with our community is a 4.5% Dark Mild, and it's hopped with Sabro and Mosaic, it's glorious!