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Jalapeno & DateThe overall flavour of this sauce is sweet and complex, like a spicy chutney. The Jalapeño pepper provides a mild heat with a pleasant vegetal earthy flavour. - 

Scoville (estimated): 3,000 SHU

Scotch Bonnet & Caribbean Spices -  This Caribbean style sauce is inspired by the flavours of Jerk seasoning. Medium to hot

Heat: 4/10
Scoville (estimated): 7,000 SHU

Chipotle & Pineapple - Strong smoky and earthy aroma from the smoke dried chipotle chilis, with tangy and sweet  fresh pineapple.

Heat: 5/10
Scoville (estimated): 10,000 SHU

Habanero & Tomatillo - Hot Mexican style chili sauce with Habanero chilis and tomatillos. The original and award winning Crazy Bastard Sauce. Perfectly balanced flavour and just the right amount of heat to use on everything.

Heat: 7/10
Scoville (estimated): 20,000 SHU

Ghost Pepper & Mango - Hot Indian style chili sauce with Bhut Jolokia "Ghost Pepper" and Mango. Fruity and exotic with warming notes of cumin. Well balanced flavour.

Heat: 8/10 - quick building and long lasting.
Scoville (estimated): 30,000 SHU

Trinidad Scorpion & Clementine - Very hot chili sauce with trinidad scorpion chili and clementines.Citrus sweet, strong chili aroma, notes of garlic in the background

Heat: 9/10 - slow building and long lasting
Scoville (estimated): 55.000 SHU

Carolina Reaper & Blueberry - Very hot chili sauce with Carolina Reaper chili and blueberries. Sweet apple and blueberry to start. Strong floral aroma of the chili emerges next, the taste intensifies with the heat.

Heat: 10/10 - slow building and long lasting.
Scoville (estimated): 65.000 SHU