Explosions In The Sky - Big Bend - 2x LP

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Available on sky blue vinyl.

Some long-awaited new music from the legendary instrumental / post-rockers Explosions in The Sky, their first new release since 2016's The Wilderness and their first soundtrack since 2014.

Following nearly two years of global touring in support of their adventurous and acclaimed album, The Wilderness (2016),  Explosions In The Sky paused on the future to reflect on the past. Celebrating their 20th year as a band with a pair of  remastered reissues of early beloved classics – How Strange,


  • 1.Chisos
  • 2.Climbing Bear
  • 3.Woodpecker
  • 4.Spring
  • 5.Flying
  • 6.Camouflage
  • 7.Swimming
  • 8.Stories in Stone
  • 9.Summer
  • 10.Nightfall
  • 11.Owl Hunting
  • 12.Sunrise
  • 13.Big Horns
  • 14.Autumn
  • 15.Cubs
  • 16.Pallid Bats
  • 17.Rains Legacy
  • 18.Bird Family
  • 19.Winter
  • 20.Human History