Mash Gang X Alpha Delta - High Definition - Alcohol Free Pale Ale - 440ml (0.5%)

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Vegan friendly.

No matter how strange this beer sounds, its very much a pale ale, it’s exciting and fun, but still very much a beer. If you usually like our hazy beers, you’ll like this. This is a one time deal, when this beer is gone, it’s gone.

Highly inspired by New York State Sour Pale Ales (NYSSPA?) We wanted a hazy, heavily hopped juicy, yet sour ale. Talus and Mandarina Bavaria brings big orange vibes. Vanilla smooths it off. Liquid Sherbert? Kinda! Yeah!

Hops : El Dorado Incognito, Citra Spectrum, Talus, Mandarina Bavaria.

Adjuncts : Orange oil, Madagascan bourbon vanilla, malic acid, yerba mate, green coffee bean.

A complex grain bill includes, rye, spelt, wheat and oats and features multiple grain size of the same variant to increase body and mouthfeel and sweet/sour balance whilst avoiding lactose and other animal products, but trying to get this as close as possible to a full abv beer.

Every part of this beverage has been interrogated at every stage, from water profile to co2 volume, to maximise enjoyment.