Mash Gang x Northern Monk - Gacha - NA Sour - 440ml (0.5%)

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Vegan Friendly 

It's a surprise!

A Gacha, ガチャ ゲーム, Is a type of surprise game, arguably a kinder egg is a Gacha. Working with friends Sarina Hyena, Northern Monk, and Bevcraft we have been developing a quite frankly ludicrous beer. Several flavours (and colours) are disguised in similar yet different cans (over 100 printed variants).

The flavours are compatible with each other and can be mixed together. The base is a Berliner Weisse, but from there it quickly goes off the rails and becomes one of the most technically challenging things we’ve ever made.

Arguably, not a beer, but what is? So in short it took several multimillion-dollar businesses to create one of the stupidest things we’ve ever made. The excuse “but its our birthday” was used, alot