ME REX - Pterodactyl/Plesiosaur - EP

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Available on eco mix vinyl.

Beginning life in 2018 in the home of songwriter Myles McCabe experimenting with shouty, electronic bedroom pop ME REX are equipped with multitudes of “surging gargantuan hooks”, McCabe was quickly joined by longtime friends Kathryn Woods (guitar/vocals), Phoebe Cross (drums/vocals) and Rich Mandell (bass/keys/vocals). In 2021 the band released their debut album Megabear: a record built from 52 short tracks intended to be played in shuffle mode in order for the listener to create their own perfect combination of songs. In 2022 they dove headfirst into follow-up EP Pterodactyl which saw them change pace and tact throughout — constructing delicate vocal layers with luscious swathes of guitars and keys to build a bridge between their raw DIY past and a bright, creative future.


1. Never Graduate
2. Robotswalkonwater (The Floor Is Made Of Lava)
3. Skin, It Itches
4. Giant Giant (Destruction Story)
5. Lager Door
6. Jupiter Pluvius
7. Sacred Cancer
8. Toilet Of Venus