Meat Wave - Volcano Park EP - LP

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Meat Wave thought they’d spend most of 2020 touring and preparing for the release of their next, yet-to-be-titled album. As was the case for most in the world, the band’s plans wouldn’t come anywhere close to materializing. Determined to push forward, they’ve created Volcano Park, a six song EP, recorded at the end of everyone-in-the-world’s least favorite year.

Taking its name from the book 1-800 Mice by graphic novelist Matthew Thurber, Volcano Park is the band’s first major output since 2017’s The Incessant and a series of proceeding singles in 2018. Much like the book, the music weaves in-and-out of fantasy and reality, a kaleidoscope of paranoia and existential dread. The EP also marks Meat Wave’s 10th year together.

FFO Hot Snakes, Culture Abuse, Drug Church



1. Tugboat
2. For Sale
3. Yell at the Moon
4. Truth Died
5. Nursing
6. Fire Dreams