One Step Closer - This Place You Know - LP

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Available on white LP.

2021 album 'This Place You Know' from Pennsylvania's One Step Closer. The band offers a modern coming of-age story about growing up and grasping both the known and the unknown. One Step Closer started in 2016 and in their short five years, Savitski, along with drummer Tommy Norton, bassist Brian Talipan and guitarists Ross Thompson and Grady Allen have come into their own as a modern hardcore mainstay.

From the first moments of album opener I Feel So, the stakes are made clear by the anchoring lyric "this place you know, sometimes it hides the truth and lets people go" - One Step Closer is attempting to resolve the unresolvable anguish of moving on from everything you once knew.


  • 1. I Feel So
  • 2. Lead To Gray
  • 3. Leave Me Behind
  • 4. Home for the Night
  • 5. Pringle Street
  • 6. Hereafter
  • 7. Time Spent, Too Long
  • 8. Autumn
  • 9. Chrysanthemum
  • 10. As The City Sleeps