Prince Daddy And The Hyena - S/T - LP

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Swamp Green vinyl

Prince Daddy & The Hyena self titled is their third studio album and first on Pure Noise Records. The album dives into the theme of life coming to an end, both vocalist Kory Gregory's own life and fear of his friends and loved ones aging and dying. Gregory expands on why by saying, "It’s the first time that it’s hit me as an adult, the first time that the impermanence of everything struck, and that sent me into a little existential spiral.”


1. Adore The Sun
2. A Random Exercise In Impermanence (The Collector)
3. Jesus Fucking Christ
4. Something Special
5. El Dorado
6. Hollow, As You Figured
7. Curly Q
8. Keep Up That Talk
9. Shoelaces
10. In Just One Piece
11. Discount Assisted Living
12. Black Mold
13. Baby Blue