Proper. - The Great American Novel - LP

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Available on clear with green & mustard splatter vinyl.

Following 2019’s critically-acclaimed sophomore album, I Spent the Winter Writing Songs About Getting Better, Proper. is making their return with The Great American Novel. “The Great American Novel is a concept album about how Black genius, specifically my own, goes ignored, relentlessly contested, or just gets completely snuffed out before it can flourish,” vocalist Erik Garlington said. “This record is a concept album that’s meant to read like a book; every song is a chapter following the protagonist through their 20s. Imagine a queer, Black Holden Caufield-type coming up in the 2010s.” The result is an album that is both lyrically and musically heavy, the former something fans have come to expect from Garlington’s unflinchingly honest lyrical content, but the latter something that’ll be refreshingly new. Channeling the heavier music he listened to during his adolescence — from post-hardcore outfit At the Drive-In to progressive metal band System of a Down — Garlington and the rest of Proper. — bassist Natasha Johnson and drummer Elijah Watson — push themselves in ways they haven’t before, culminating in an ambitious project that showcases the new sonic territory the band is heading in. Recorded by Bartees Strange in early 2021 and mixed/mastered by Brian DiMeglio, TGAN is made up of 14 songs, with three of them to be singles dropped throughout the course of the album’s release.


  • 1.You Good? (In Media Res)
  • 2.Shuck & Jive
  • 3.Red, White, & Blue
  • 4.Jean
  • 5.McConnell
  • 6.Ganymede
  • 7.Barbershop Interlude
  • 8.In The Van Somewhere Outside of Birmingham
  • 9.Juvie
  • 10.The Routine
  • 11.Huerta 
  • 12.Milk & Honey 
  • 13.Done Talking
  • 14.Americana
  • 15.Yeah... I'm Good (Epilogue)