Spanish Love Songs - Brave Faces Etc - 2xLP

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Available on mint, grey and white stripe vinyl.

A special deluxe re-do of Brave Faces Everyone from Spanish Love Songs - one of our favourite albums of 2020! Available on two Banquet exclusive colourways. Anthemic indie-punk mixed with some heartstring-tugging emo influences. If you're into the likes of The Menzingers, Tigers Jaw, The Hotelier or Modern Baseball then check this out.


  • 1.Routine Pain (Etc version)
  • 2.Self-Destruction (as a sensible career choice) (Etc version)
  • 3.Generation Loss (Etc version)
  • 4.Kick (Etc version)
  • 5.Beachfront Property (Etc version)
  • 6.Losers (Etc version)
  • 7.Optimism (as a radical life choice) (Etc version)
  • 8.Losers 2 (Etc version)
  • 9.Dolores (Etc version)
  • 10.Brave Faces, Everyone (Etc version)
  • 11.Routine Pain
  • 12.Self-Destruction (as a sensible career choice)
  • 13.Generation Loss
  • 14.Kick
  • 15.Beachfront Property
  • 16.Losers
  • 17.Optimism (as a radical life choice)
  • 18.Losers 2
  • 19.Dolores
  • 20.Brave Faces, Everyone