Superchunk - Here's To Shutting Up - LP & CD

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Available on orange vinyl with bonus CD.

"Here’s to Shutting Up was meant to be released on September 18, 2001. On September 11, obviously the world changed. Our release date moved a couple weeks, but our tour dates remained and we flew to Japan in October. It was a WILD time to be travelling the world. Receptions ranged from “thank you for giving us something else to think about” to “why are you here?” We flew home from Japan and left for the UK the day the US started bombing Afghanistan. This was the climate, and the climate was not great for playing rock music. People were thinking about other things.


  • 1.Late Century Dream
  • 2.Rainy Streets
  • 3.Phone Sex
  • 4.Florida's on Fire
  • 5.Out on the Wing
  • 6.The Animal Has Left Its Shell
  • 7.Act Surprised
  • 8.Art Class (Song for Yayoi Kusama)
  • 9.What Do You Look Forward To?
  • 10.Drool Collection
  • 11.Late-Century Dream (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 12.Rainy Streets (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 13.The Hot Break (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 14.Florida's on Fire (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 15.Act Surprised (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 16.A Collection of Accounts (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 17.Art Class (Song for Yayoi Kusama) (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 18.Flying aka Out on the Wing (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 19.Becoming a Speck (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 20.Frank's Bath aka Phone Sex (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 21.The Animal Has Left Its Shell (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 22.Corp Song aka What Do You Look Forward To? (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]
  • 23.Drool Collection (acoustic demo) [Bonus CD]