The Fall of Troy - Mukiltearth - LP

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After a long hiatus, The Fall of Troy are back with a new full-length album, entitled Mukiltearth. Recorded between 2016 and 2019, the record contains the earliest songs written by the band (under their previous name of The 30 Years War) and the last songs written by the original lineup. In their own words: "Mukiltearth is about the experiences we have that are singular but shared: first love and last loss, sunrise and sunset, the beginning and the end. Mukiltearth highlights the joy and freedom of youth, and the reality and responsibility of adulthood."

Split between two halves, the first side of the album contains re-recordings of songs written by the band when they were in high school in their hometown of Mukilteo, Washington. The second side of the album jumps ahead 15 years, through addiction, deaths of friends and family, break-ups both in the band and personally, and the eventual reformation of the group, to a set of four songs written in reverse from the band's usual method; drums were written and recorded first, followed by bass and then guitar and vocals.

Vinyl comes in a gatefold sleeve with download card

01. A Tribute to Orville Wilcox
02. Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes
03. The Tears of Green Eyed Angels
04. Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television
05. The Day The Strength of Men Failed
06. Knife Fight At The Mormon Church
07. Counting Sheep
08. Roundhouse
09. Borborygmi
10. We Are The Future