The Sonder Bombs - Clothbound - LP

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Clothbound, the second LP from Cleveland band The Sonder Bombs builds on from their first record Modern Female Rockstar but with an added layer of loss, letting go; losing patience with losers and yes, more ukulele. 

Produced in Philadelphia with Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Beach Bunny and more), fans will have a lot to unpack, both lyrically and musically. From the goodbyes spat through ’Swing On Sight’ to the immediacy of ‘Crying Is Cool’. If you’re ready for a band to go full in and showcase what they are made of then this record is for you. 

FFO: Retirement Party, Pool Kids, Prince Daddy & They Hyena, Weakened Friends,  The Winter Passing


1. Papillon 
2. Crying Is Cool 
3. Vegas, BABYYY!!! 
4. What Are Friends For?
5. Scattered 
6. The Brink
7. Swing On Sight 
8. The One About You 
9. k. 
10. Play It By Fear