These Arms Are Snakes - Duct Tape And Shivering Crows - 2xLP

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Available in hungover splatter vinyl.

Over the course of their seven-year run back in the ‘00s, These Arms Are Snakes covered a lot of territory, both in terms of actual miles spent on the road and in terms of their creative bandwidth. Though the band was often mistaken for a typical non sequitur-named screamo out­t or another “animal” indie band, the Seattle group quickly de­ed expectations and garnered a reputation for subverting the popular underground sounds of time. The group cultivated a small but fervent fanbase across multiple continents with their signature combination of synth-infused noise rock, bad-trip psychedelia, ‑amboyant proto-metal boogie, and unhinged basement-show hardcore before imploding at the end of 2009. And while These Arms Are Snakes’ full-length albums remain ­tting testaments to the band’s frantic urgency and stylistic ‑uidity, there is a treasure trove of deep cuts buried on b-sides and split releases that further reinforce their position as one of the weirdest and wildest acts of the decade. For the ­rst time, those rarities and one-offs have been compiled into a cohesive overview of These Arms Are Snakes’ lifespan on the double LP Duct Tape & Shivering Crows.


  • 1.Meet Your Mayor
  • 2.Camera Shy
  • 3.Trix
  • 4.Energy Drink and the Long Walk Home
  • 5.Heart Shaped Box
  • 6.Washburn
  • 7.Old Paradise
  • 8.Payday Loans
  • 9.Hook on This
  • 10.Riding the Grape Dragon
  • 11.Run It Through the Dog
  • 12.Diggers of Ditches Everywhere
  • 13.The Blue Rose