Weakened Friends - Quitter - LP

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Available in yellow/green stripe vinyl or green vinyl.

Portland, Maine indie rock trio Weakened Friends dive into the honest truth of being a working musician on their new LP, Quitter, reflecting on lost friendships and self-worth swallowed up by burnout. Songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist Sonia Sturino is supported by Annie Hoffman (bass/vocals) and Adam Hand (drums), filling out a mature and emotive sound. Central to the record thematically is the empty threat of quitting music and “getting a real job”. Sturino wrestles with her relationship with music on the title track, shouting “I love it, but it never really feels okay” over scorching guitars.


  • 1.Bargain Bin
  • 2.Quitter [3:02]
  • 3.Everything is Better
  • 4.25th
  • 5.Tunnels
  • 6.Planes
  • 7.Spew
  • 8.What You Like
  • 9.Haunted House
  • 10.The Last Ten
  • 11.Point of Interest