Yndi Halda - Enjoy Eternal Bliss - 2xLP

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Available on mixed splatter vinyl.

Fifteen years after its release, UK sextet yndi halda's debut album Enjoy Eternal Bliss remains a landmark release in the post-rock movement, settling between the trance of the genre's early pioneers and the cinematic lushness of its second wave whilst also touching on indie-rock, alt-folk, modern classical and ambient music.

Written and recorded when the band were teenagers, in a tiny fishing village on the Kentish coast, the album was initially self-released in homemade sleeves housing CD-Rs burned on the band's parents' computers. It quickly caught the attention of established labels Big Scary Monsters and Burnt Toast Vinyl, whose official releases of the material received significant acclaim. Following the album's official release, the band toured across Europe, Asia and the US in support.

Its music - elegant string arrangements, sonorous interweaving guitar lines, and spare vocals - belied the youth of its creators and became a true moment in post-rock.


  1. Dash and Blast
  2. We Flood Empty Lakes
  3. A Song For Starlit Beaches
  4. Illuminate My Heart, My Darling!